For a change of pace, I thought I would review a new magazine I have discovered called Flow. Flow has this tagline: A magazine that takes its time. I picked my copy up in Britain, but Flow can be purchased in Canada and the United States or online at I am still reading my …

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I am on holiday this week. I’m walking, knitting, reading and writing like I never do at home. During the past few days, I have read Rachael Matthews’ The Mindfulness in Knitting:Meditations in Craft and Calm. This reading continues my consideration of mindfulness and allowed me to understand how knitting can be a mindful as …

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In the wake of the most recent celebrity suicides, I want to speak about two practices that we can learn that combat depression. I am convinced of the value of these practices not just from the fact that research (particularly Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Research) has confirmed their value, but because my patients have consistently told …

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