Join the large group of Doctors who are proud to support Dr. Beck.


I am happy to support Gail. She has extensive experience at both the CMA and OMA, and will represent Canadian physicians effectively. I have worked closely with her as a psychiatric colleague and at the FMWC, and am always impressed by her knowledge, commitment and ability. We will be lucky to have her as the CMA President. 

-Dr. Mamta Gautam, MD, FRCPC, CPDC
President, PEAK MD


I am more than happy to endorse Gail! I have known her for a long time and I remember her as being such a hard-working, determined and caring person. She is still the same hard-working, determined and caring person today. Best of luck to her.

-Dr. Arlene Desmarais Ouellet


I am supporting Gail for CMA president.She is thoughtful,articulate,pragmatic and a thoroughly nice person! She has a positive vision for health care in Canada which has been moulded and tempered by decades on the front lines of health care. She also has the ability to move that vision towards positive action, having a proven track record of accomplishment in the sometimes arcane world of health politics.

I encourage you all to vote for Gail!

-Dr. Alan Drummond MD, Past President, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians
Past Chair, OMA Section on Emergency Medicine


Gail can provide the strategic leadership the CMA needs to address the needs of both the public and the profession.
– Dr. John Ludwig


I support Gail for CMA President because she understands health care and the challenges that patients and providers alike face in the current health care environment.  She has worked to improve care for patients and the experience of physicians.  She is passionate, thoughtful, and persuasive. 
Gail has both a detailed understanding of health care both at a system level and at the level of individual patients.  Her interests span specialist and primary care, community and academic venues.  I would be proud for her to represent me at the national stage  .

– Dr. Mark MacLeod Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, LHSC, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Adult trauma, Foot and Ankle reconstruction)


I am supporting Gail Beck for CMA president because of her track record in leadership portfolios at the OMA, CMA and other areas of Medicine. Gail Beck delivers principled leadership and displays integrity that is exemplar. Her track record speaks for itself, and the best predictor of future performance is past performance. We would be fortunate to have her as our CMA President!

-Dr. Salvatore M. Spadafora, MD, FRCPC, MHPE,


As a new Director on the OMA Board and a member of the Executive of the Academy of Medicine of Ottawa, I have been impressed with Dr. Beck’s breath of knowledge of health care issues, locally, provincially and nationally.  She demonstrates a passion for healthcare focused on what’s best for our patients and strongly advocates for our physicians to be empowered to deliver excellent care.  As President of the Canadian Medical Association she will be an admirable representative of Canadian physicians.  

-Dr. Robert Swenson –  OMA board Director and Chair of the OMA Section of Clinical Teachers


Dr Beck’s dedication, commitment, interpersonal skills and analytic approach to complex problems are truly the qualities that make her an outstanding candidate to lead the CMA. I have no doubt, as the president Dr Beck will take our great association to greater heights.
– Dr. AG Ahmed


I can’t think of a better person to lead the CMA particularly in this time where strong leadership is needed.
-Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, member CMA committees 1997-2004 and Director CMA Office for Leadership in Medicine 2004-2007


Dr. Gail Beck, one of FMWC’s Past Presidents, is running as the Ontario candidate for election as President of the CMA. I will be endorsing her candidacy and am asking if any members have any comments to make concerning Gail or her election. 

– Dr. Crystal Cannon, Federation of Medical Women of Canada, President 2012 – 2013


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Gail at both OMA and CMA. She is an effective advocate for the interests of doctors and for care of the public. Gail will make an excellent CMA President. She knows how to get things done within organized medicine and with government.”

-Dr. Renwick Mann, Anesthesiologist, Peterborough, Ontario


En tant que médecin-chef et chirurgien orthopédiste de l’Hôpital Montfort, je sais à quel point il est important pour la communauté des médecins francophones du Canada d’avoir un président de l’AMC qui puisse s’exprimer en français et en anglais.

Le style de pratique et la grande énergie de la Dre Beck nous assurent un appui dans nos interventions afin d’améliorer la qualité des services aux patients.
-Dr. Guy Moreau, chirurgien orthopédique et médecin-chef de l’Hôpital Montfort, Ottawa, Ontario


As a resident in Radiation Oncology, Dr. Beck’s Health Human Resources plan reassures me that unemployment need not be a problem for Ontario doctors.

– Dr. Jean-Marc Bourque –Radiation Oncology, Deputy-Chair WMA Junior Doctors – London, Ontario


My friend and OMA Board colleague, Dr. Gail Beck, is running and I urge you to vote for her. She’ll make a great leader and spokesperson for doctors.

Gail is an adolescent psychiatrist at the Royal Ottawa. When we work together, I’ve seen that she always makes a point of consulting practicing docs and always keeps their needs and opinions at the forefront of whatever she does.
-Dr. Atul Kapur, Emergency Physician, OMA Board Director – Ottawa, Ontario


Gail is an exemplary role model and advocate for young women entering the medical profession, but more importantly, for encouraging their skills in leadership and advocacy.     -Dr Pamela Liao (nee Verma), FMWC, MWIA

The CMA needs a leader who is willing to work with others within a unified health care system. I am supporting Gail because of her commitment to working with medical students and residents to better coordinate health human resources, as well as her pledge to implement a coordinated Mental Health Strategy in Canada.
– Dr. Nicole Hawkins,


I have been involved in the CMA and OMA for several years. I know that Gail would make an excellent choice for CMA president.
–Dr. Larry Patrick


I have known Dr. Beck for several years. She has the experience and leadership qualities, which would make her an excellent choice for CMA president.
–Dr. Lucien Sitwell

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