About Me / À mon sujet

Doctor, Psychiatrist, Mother, Leader, Good Listener and a Hard Worker.

I am a Child Psychiatrist in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Apart from medical practice, I am also on the Boards of several medical organizations: the Ontario Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association and Medical Women’s International Association.

From the organizations, and from my colleagues on these Boards, I have learned a great deal about medical systems in my province, in Canada and around the world. This knowledge informs my work.

I am also a wife, a mother and a friend. I hold my husband, my children and my friends in my heart and am grateful for their influence in my life.

I have a passion for ensuring that physicians have a prominent role in the promotion and development of the highest standards of health and health care for Canadians.


Je suis médecin, psychiatre, mère et chef de file. J’ai une bonne capacité d’écoute et je suis travaillante.

Je suis psychiatre pour enfants à Ottawa (Ont.), au Canada. En plus des activités liées à ma pratique médicale, je siège aussi au conseil d’administration de plusieurs organisations médicales : l’Association médicale de l’Ontario, l’Association médicale canadienne et l’Association internationale des femmes médecins.

Auprès de ces organisations et de mes collègues qui siègent aussi à ces conseils, j’ai beaucoup appris au sujet des systèmes médicaux de ma province, du Canada et du monde entier. Ces connaissances alimentent mon travail.

Je aussi une fille, une épouse, une mère et une amie. Ma mère, mon mari, mes enfants et mes amis ont une place toute spéciale dans mon cœur et je suis reconnaissante de leur influence sur ma vie.

4 thoughts on “About Me / À mon sujet

  1. Dear Dr. Beck,
    I have read your recent blog on gun control and adolescents and while I agree with much of what has been said about the state of mind and struggles – I have a difficult time agreeing with some of your conclusions. I believe that answers need to be found but I also believe that can only be done so through a comprehensive understanding of the issue. Facts need to be presented and assessed as well as current legislation with respect to effectiveness. As a mother, a survivor of domestic abuse and the CEO of the Canadian Firearms Institute – I would welcome the opportunity to discuss and explore.
    Pyper Unitt

  2. Dr.Beck I work in private practice in Toronto , as a Psychiatrist ( educated as Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist in Israel). I became aware by the OMA you are part of their board. I am not involved politically in any association; however the way Ontario Government has been dealing with health care , and in special mental health worries me ….. I feel I need to be more involved and see more of my colleagues involved to educate the public , and get their feedback about the future of mental health .
    Is there any way I could contribute at the OMA ?

  3. Dear Dr. Beck,

    I’m so glad to hear about your candidacy! And, I am appreciative of someone who can think and write clearly and articulately. I’m especially appreciative of one who understands the use of the topic sentence in a paragraph. As a family physician (ex-internist/nephrologist) and family therapist (failing at retirement), I am politically somewhat cynical. However, I am very interested in your humanely based views on medicine and society. I particularly appreciate your very practically voiced approached to the role of the family and how we can intervene. I will have a look at Dr. Pipher’s work. More power to you! (Also,incidentally, thanks to Michael Pare for sending word around of your candidacy.)

    Warm Regards,

    Michael Vesselago

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