How many people have you heard say lately that they wish they didn’t have to spend so much time at home? When we hear or read about “COVID fatigue”, those images of crowded gatherings spring to mind – the kind you attend when you are just so fed up that you don’t care what happens any longer. When I hear or read those reports, it seems to me that people are getting tired of spending so much time at home.

But there is an even darker side to the story of home, and that is the story of people who have no home. In this report from CBC’s The Current, you can learn how many more tent cities are springing up in Canadian cities. With shelters having to decrease the number of people who can be crammed into their existing space, and with new space not being readily available, many people who cannot afford housing have no choice but to shelter in the streets.

Imagine trying to live in a tent. Imagine trying to fall asleep uncertain about whether the whole structure will be blown down in the night. You would be cold all the time and so many other comforts would not be available to you: basic comforts.

I have spoken before in this blog about missing travelling. I would love to see my daughter in Vancouver and my sister in Quebec City.  I miss them both terribly. Many people are struggling with similar heartache, but as I see belongings huddled in a park where no one ever stayed before, I know I am lucky.

I miss the wondrous sights I can see when I travel, the special places I visit with family in faraway cities, but these do not bring comfort the way my own bed and my own space do. It’s not always exciting in the 5 square kilometers where I conduct my life and yet it is at times the most exciting place in the world.

I know what comfort home can give and I wish everyone could have it.

“There are many places where I exult and wonder. This is where I put my feet up and thank God.” Ellis Peters

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