One advantage of face to face meetings was movement.

I still have mostly face to face work, but on days when I work virtually, I have noticed that I barely move from my desk. You could say that it’s my own fault for not booking breaks in which to move, and I suppose this is true, but like most people I have so much to do at work that if meetings and appointments are not booked back to back then I will be working hours longer in a day. The other alternative is that I can always be behind in the work I must get done. Neither of these choices is an acceptable alternative, so I will spend entire half days at my desk just to be able to get home at a decent hour and stay relatively caught up with my work.

As I result, during my leisure time, I find that I am taking more and more time to be active to offset these periods of sitting during the rest of my time. I have also realized that, if I don’t take this active time, I cannot stop my mind from racing. I cannot settle down.

Not being active is bad for our health and becoming less active and healthy generally is not something we can afford right now.

If the need to make up physical exercise time starts increasing, then what is decreasing is the time to just relax and do nothing. What is decreasing is the time to enjoying stimulating and restorative activities such as dancing, or reading a great book, or writing to friends you can’t visit. Ultimately, these life-enhancing activities have now been replaced with interminable Zoom meetings and webinars and teleconferences. It’s not an even trade, and it’s certainly not a healthy trend.

On top of it all, if you happen to become exhausted by your day of endless online work, you might arrive home NOT wanting to exercise and so you miss out on the stress relief this would provide AND you probably won’t be able to sleep.

How did it reach this stage?

(Insomnia by Helen Wierzbicki)

One thought on “Zoom and Your Health

  1. Fatigue and the effects of staring at a screen are two reasons we do movement at the beginning, middle and end of my zoom-based writing workshops. We also don’t necessarily stare at the screen all the time. I think it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to remote meetings or online courses. Too much screen gazing and sitting is not good but there are creative ways to use the medium!

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