It’s so unsettled now.
COVID-19 cases are increasing and experts and politicians are sending signals that are meant to deter us:
“The second wave is here!”
“The number of cases is the highest since May.”
“There are outbreaks again in Long Term Care.”
Political leaders are holding briefings of the kind we saw in March when fear was at its worst. The case numbers in my city are higher now than they were at that time. But now the messages are mixed. Parents and schoolchildren and teachers are warned to be careful.
On a day with such dire messages for children, and their parents and teachers, casinos in my province are being opened.
It’s dystopic. We hear that the government is resolved to keep schools open.
But let’s open the casinos.
The science related to COVID-19 may be complex, but that’s not why many people are confused. How are open schools in the same category as open casinos??
Given what we know about the virulence of COVID-19, can we warn people not to have big weddings, but open casinos? Does it seem reasonable to remind everyone that it’s better not to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, but open casinos?
The province of Québec is shutting down everything, including casinos, for four weeks in an effort to keep schools open but, in Ontario, we will open casinos.
Is gambling now such an essential service that casinos need to be open?
Or is it the province that is addicted to the revenues from casinos??

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