The hot summer weather has started. I can feel the malaise of the past winter sweating out of me, as my body warms to the point of a fever. All those months of Saturday baking means that I have a freezer full of baked goods to enjoy on sunny Saturday mornings on the deck. I will go for walks early in the morning or in the evening when it is cool. I am thawing out and hoping that this warmth brings wellbeing.

The people I am working with on my temporary team are beginning to think of holidays. I have days booked off but it doesn’t seem like enough, so I am going to book more days off. I am pulling summer books off my shelf to read. These are books I bought ages ago and never read at the time, usually because the pressure of a library due date dictated my reading. Now that we can visit people, I plan to visit a few friends whom I haven’t seen in months.

I will do foolish things, things I would never do on my two precious weekend days. I will waste as much time as I possibly can!

I am getting ideas from everyone about what they do in their spare time that they like best.

It probably says something about the company I keep that the answer I hear most is “video games”. One of my young patients was so excited to hear that I might be interested in video games that he sent me a link to a YouTube video of the Best Nonviolent Video Games. The video is great, but I am not so sure about the games.

I know many people who have been home for the past few months and they referred me to virtual museums or websites that let you explore other cities by drone. While these are more my style, these were still a bit too virtual for me.

The hikes people referred me to were challenging and I found myself wondering, “Did everyone I know climb Kilimanjaro?”

The gardeners do more farming than most farmers I know and the volunteers are so busy that it exhausts me to listen to them.

After listening to suggestions for days, I find I am back where I started with a pile of books and a new handmade notebook.

I am counting down the days to my holiday.

(This is one of my favourite artist’s image of watermelon – the perfect summer holiday snack!)

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