Today I was clearing off the dinner table after hosting my son’s birthday party when I heard the loveliest sound. It was the sound of a jet plane taking off from the Ottawa airport. I was mesmerized. I stopped and listened. I listened in much the same way that I had when I was small and leaving on an airplane trip for the first time in my life.

I have travelled so much and so far. I have over million Air Canada miles and I think I can honestly say that I have loved getting every one of them. I know people love to hate Air Canada but for me, whenever I am travelling on another airline, usually to get from a distant destination home, I cannot wait to get to that point in my journey when I can board an Air Canada flight. Once I do that, I know what I am in for: recognition, service I am used to and help with anything as long as I am polite and reasonable.

I want to go back to England.

I want to travel to Vancouver to see Caitlin – I will go and have a Chinese dinner with my friend, Shelley, or an Indian meal with my friend, Mobina.

I know air travel is going to be more complicated, but I want to go to Thailand again and hug my friend Pattariya. I miss her so much – and I miss her more because I’m not sure when I’ll see her again.

I want to go back to Georgia and the Caucasus and visit the Holy City of Mtskheta, preferably with my friends, Nino and Khatuna.

I could be satisfied with one hour in the Welk’s General Store on Main Street in Vancouver, although it may take two hours to pick up everything I want.

I can say this: I will never take travel to these wonderful places for granted again.

The sound of that jet taking off was like music to my ears.

(This is my friend Pattariya and me at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Thailand – I cannot wait to see her again!)

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