Yesterday I thought about all the ways that my hospital workplace will change after this phase of COVID-19. As I was writing that essay late Tuesday afternoon, different images kept entering my mind:

  • Images of community barbeques and Sunday School picnics with 3-legged races.
  • Drinks with a friend at a crowded bar on a Friday night when the latest favourite song comes on and everyone wants to dance.
  • Crowding onto Parliament Hill for Canada Day and figuring out that it might be faster to walk home than to wait in line for a bus.
  • Knitting with my friends at my favourite yarn store.
  • Those parties in my backyard…when I got married, when Caitlin left for Vancouver, whenever…
  • Rushing with a crowd of strangers to the best vantage point to watch…a whale breeching, the parade coming, the swallows swarming in August.

When will I get to do these things again?

Will I get to do these things again?

I get it.

I understand why these changes are necessary, but already I miss these things and I never knew how important they were when I had them.

I miss them the way you miss things you don’t know how to do without, but you’re not sure if they will ever come again.

(My Backyard – ready for a party!)

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