I can feel myself coming back from this first phase of the pandemic.

I am making plans to transition from the Surge Unit where I have been working to the Youth Program where, as I realize after just a few months, I belong. I cannot wait to go through “my own” familiar doors. I cannot wait to hear which music the nurse who loves to wake everyone up with an early morning jolt of rap or hip hop will be playing as we all arrive back on the first day.

I am going to be dancing as I move down the hall!

At the same time, as I have observed the very real horrors of COVID-19, I think of some of the practices we cherished that we will have to give up.

Let’s start with cooking groups. I realize that as we earn how to keep a safe social distance, I probably won’t be showing people how to make perogies.

Going to the gym is likely to look different also, and we won’t even be able to use the gym for a few months.

There is a Therapy Cat that comes to visit, but he and his carer are not on site. I think the Therapy Fish is also working from home. (Yes, that’s correct. There is a Therapy Fish.)

We used to spend time in the summers with art therapy projects – sometimes on our picnic table outside and I think these may still be possible. The Youth Team has lots of ideas – good and bad. For the Youth team, even their bad ideas are good. Actually, for the Youth team, you could say that the only ideas more…innovative… than their good ideas are their bad ideas.

We have a very small room at the back of our nursing station. It may now be too small for our morning safety huddles. It used to be cozy, but cozy is definitely a thing of the past.

There is a lot that will be different, but I cannot help but feel excited. The team on the Surge Unit has been amazing. I am in awe and grateful that these health professionals have been able to come together quickly and build a strong working unit that looks after our patients with compassion and great skill. I will miss them…since I cannot figure out how to kidnap them and take them with me.

I like to think of the Surge Unit team as a small band of super heroes – moving through the hospital in their usual programs, modest and unassuming, but ready to leap into action when the hospital needs a band of super heroes – like a mental health version of the Avengers.

If the Surge team are the Avengers, then the Youth Team are the Defenders. The Defenders are the group of superheroes gathered by Dr. Strange and who are steadfast against supernatural forces.

I miss youth so much that I am thinking in superheroes and turning into Dr. Strange!!!

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