It’s May in Ottawa. There is light in the sky at 9 pm on a clear day and by 5:30 in the morning. I love all the light at this time of year…but it snowed on and off over the weekend and that was just more than I could abide.

Snow in May is so different from snow in November. In November, snow brings with it the promise of winter activities and winter vacations in the sun…and Christmas. When the forecast in November is for snow, I come home and pull out my Christmas lists. And so it was that on Friday evening I found myself looking at the red plaid box that holds my Christmas lists and remembered that I had one bag of Christmas presents that were never delivered.

I had a bag of Christmas gifts for Caitlin’s best friend and her family and this weekend, when it was snowing, I decided I was going to deliver these gifts! I even make some Christmas cookies and had thought about having fruitcake with my afternoon tea

We were as excited as kids at Christmas as we drove out on our errand! The ten kilometres to Chelsea’s house were the furthest we’ve been in six weeks.  I was also fully seized by that special mood that comes with special holidays. With the snow blowing blizzard-like into the windshield of the car, I decided that I might be channeling Christmas a bit too successfully.

Once on the doorstep, I was greeted by the four year old member of the household with as much enthusiasm as I felt. But as serious as any four year old, he told me that it was “silly” to pretend that it was Christmas.

“But I have Christmas presents and it’s snowing” I said, “Are you sure it’s not Christmas?”

“Gail,” he said, not fooled at all, “it’s May.”

With that, I was convinced, although, like any practical four year old, Stephen agreed to take the Christmas presents.

And that was my snowy weekend. I even got some Mothers’ Day Treats and a letter with the news every doctor likes to hear these days!

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