On many Fridays since the Pandemic isolation period began, I have daydreams of place that I’ve visited and would like to visit again. A few weeks ago, I wondered if I would ever visit England, again, for example. But yesterday, I opened my computer to a screensaver scene near a beach – a Cape Cod Beach I believe.

Even before COVID-19, there were many days when I would wish that I could escape for an hour or two into my screensaver. If its too busy, or I’m too harassed, or just tired, just looking at an image of utter beauty and calm is completely relaxing in the moment. Here is the image I am speaking of in this case:

You must get that feeling also when you look at a picture of a destination you love. Look into that image and feel yourself walking up that path in your bare feet. It’s stony underfoot, with sharp edges pushing into your feet, but just over that hill is sand so soft and white, it’s as if you’re walking through baby powder. Stop you mind chatter and listen to the waves lash and pummel onto the beach.

If this is Cape Cod on the Atlantic side, there will be a soft mist hanging over the waves near the shore, throwing off rainbows as it sprays. If you sit near the edge and close your eyes as you listen, within ten minutes your trousers will be wet from the tide that was able to creep up under cover of the crash and hiss that has been pulling your mind, pulling your mind in time to your beating heart.

I can feel myself right there, but, in fact, I am right here, on my own street on the walk home from work.

It is sunny.

It is warm.

But there is no sand and there are no waves.

But, as I come to my house, there is another image. There is an image of summer summoned to mind by the smell of barbequing hamburgers. I have shown this image before, and I love it. It is my side garden in the warm weather.

I cannot go to Cape Cod, but tomorrow, I can unravel and hang the bunting and bring out the table and chairs.

Tomorrow at this time, I will walk into this yard and sit on that deck!

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