I have COVID dreams. It’s not unusual for the day to follow us into night but much of our present is so different from our lives before COVID that many people are likely having dreams related to our new experience. Even though I know this, my COVID dreams startle me.

Is this happening to you?

Do you find yourself living through the day reasonably only to find your fears coming to you when you are asleep?

Do you find that it is only in your sleep that you realize how much COVID-19 has changed your internal life as well as your external life?

In my dreams, I am on the phone – always on the phone: a speaker phone. Voices are speaking to me about everything. All at once, many people are talking:

My husband: Do you want anything special for dinner?

Director: Are you coming back up to your office?

Ward Clerk: Test results are back.

Nurse: Did you put the diet order in?

Sometimes when I wake up, I feel as if I’ve been on the phone all night.

Once the dreams were so vivid, I woke up to check COVID test results.

Once the dreams were so vivid, I thought I was late for an admission.

Luckily, the dreams are still dreams and not nightmares.

( I wish the images of my dreams were all Dr. Seuss’ Lorax images…but they’re not.)

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