I am having a lot of help with this blog lately. Last week, I wanted to speak about valuing our elders and a friend sent me the perfect quote to set off my point.

I spent the afternoon with teachers with program staff and I wanted to express my gratitude to these professionals for all that they are doing to make sure children and youth continue to learn. Like last week, I could not find a way make my point: to show how much teachers do to prepare youth for the future. I threw out one page of writing after another. Just when I thought I’d never manage, one of these amazing educators sent the answer to me.

Here’s the story.

A friend of mine is a teacher at the West Kings District High School in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. He and his colleagues produced a video to cheer on and cheer up their students who, like all Canadian youth, are trying to learn separated from the people who help them with this. This is their video.

As a lark, I sent it out to the Vice Principal of the McHugh School in Ottawa, the school that sets up classrooms in hospitals and for youth who suffer from mental health challenges. Well, it seems as though teachers really will accept any challenge you give them. This is the video the teachers of the M.F. McHugh Education Centre developed in response.

These are teachers from two very different parts of Canada. These are the people who are teaching your children – our children. They took the time to prepare an outreach to the young people in their charge and I am grateful that my patients are learning from people with so much talent and optimism.

I am also struck by the fact that this challenge allowed teachers in Nova Scotia to see how they influenced colleagues in Ontario. This must a difficult time for teachers in Nova Scotia. A teacher and a teacher’s wife were killed in Nova Scotia on the weekend. The impact on children and youth and communities will be felt for a long time.

Please take the time to watch these videos. They will brighten your day. The messages in these videos are messages to students of how much they are missed – of how much they are loved.

These videos make my point that teachers are doing phenomenal work in this difficult time.

(Even if classrooms are empty, teachers are working.)

One thought on “My COVID-19 Journal – Day 37

  1. Rob Baker says:

    Love reading your blog Gail. I’m glad that we were able to inspire other educators to keep in touch with their students in a fun and engaging way. My favorite will is the guy in the chicken/rooster hat. Fun stuff!

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