Yesterday, my neighbor called. I was surprised to hear from her. I’m pretty sure the last time she called was about 15 years ago when my then 17 year old son had done something – parked in the wrong spot, made too much noise too late at night, that kind of thing.

Lest it sound like we never speak, we often exchange greetings at the curb or chat as we do yard chores, but actual telephone conversations are rare.

Our neighbor was calling to “check in” on us, to make sure we were managing. Since we are, I asked how she and her husband were doing.

“Well, I have to sit on Don. He won’t stay home.”

Now, this neighbor weighs 90 pounds soaking wet with rocks in her pockets. Her 6 foot tall husband likely weighs twice that much. The image of her sitting on him raises a smile, to say the least.

What also raises a smile is that this couple is older than my husband and me – much older. It’s touching that she would reach out with this concern.

This is one good thing that this pandemic has wrought. Thank goodness our communities are looking after each other. We are already looking after each other by staying home and running errands. As I learned yesterday, we are also looking after each other with phone calls like these.

Caring for each other is very important right now. Communities have more power to keep us healthy than any doctor or hospital.

(My house, as the neighbours would see it.)

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