This is my second social isolation weekend. It’s interesting what you can learn about yourself when you finally get your wish.

I have often wished that I could have a few weekends when I didn’t have to go anywhere or run any errands. I have always had lots of plans for the time. I have papers and books piling in my office. I have projects tangled together in my knitting basket. I have half-finished quilts and mending in my sewing room.

I have not done any of these things. I have learned that, even when I get time, I can’t break old habits.

What have I done? I have cooked. I prepared some favourite foods for my husband and me to eat over the next week: bread and scones. There is nothing that gives me more comfort that scrumptious baked goods in the morning and I will not be going to bakeries for the foreseeable future. By the same token, after some difficult days, I really want good bread, cheese and tea for supper. I also made some macaroni and cheese and chocolate chip cookies. These are for pick-up by socially distancing family members later in the day. So far, no one in my family is forced to isolate – just distance.

I did tackle one task on my “Things to do When I Have Time List”. I prepared a new meal to learn to use a new cooking tool: a mortar and pestle. I know this sounds trivial. For all the Iron Chefs rolling your eyes at this, please remember that not everyone is up to your standards. There are some of us who read many recipes the way we read science fiction. We study the recipe and think to ourselves, “That’s never going to happen.” Some of us will never get beyond the kind of cookbook called, “Easy Gourmet Meals in 30 Minutes”.

Early this morning I did listen to a church service online – a church service is another Sunday habit – and during a period of reflection afterward, I realized how much I just wanted to spend my weekend doing blessedly normal things at home. I wanted to cook for my family. I wanted to watch some silly TV. I wanted to know that my children and stepchildren and friends and family were fine. I wanted to hear their lovely voices.

In short, I have spent the weekend resting. Resting is often something we forget to do in our busy-ness, but at least I know not to forget to rest now.

I am ready for the week ahead.

One thought on “My COVID-19 Journal – Day 6,7

  1. Helen Bruce says:

    Thank you for your social isolation comments.

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