I hope that no one reads this blog or, if they are reading it, I hope they are reading it as just one more pleasant thing to do on a day off work. Today is Family Day where I live and everyone has an extra day off work. Of course, Family Day also provides a break from work during the long period between New Year’s Day and Easter.

We all need more relaxation and time with our families, especially when so many parents must now work outside the home just to make ends meet.

Alberta was the first Canadian province to enact Family Day. The Family Day Act was passed there in 1990 and over the next twenty years, four other provinces followed suit: Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Family Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February. While the holiday is unique to these five provinces, three other provinces and the Yukon also have a holiday on that Monday. Islander Day is observed in Prince Edward Island. Manitoba celebrates Louis Riel Day. Nova Scotia and Yukon both have a Heritage Day today. Americans also have a holiday today – Presidents’ Day.

There is something special about a long weekend – a Monday off. Most Sunday evenings, even after the most relaxing weekend, the members of a household can begin to feel the weekday feeling returning. Bedtime is more deliberate.

You can see a parent checking their lists and the calendar. Who has a practice this week? When is my book club? This child has a dentist appointment. Thursday is pizza day.

But this Monday, everyone can wake up slowly. There are no lunches to make, no calls to complete, no driving through traffic…and who cares how cold it is?

If you are reading this, I hope you feel that easy, gentle feeling. I hope the rest of your day goes just as well.


(Photo: Here are 3 of the people I’ll be thinking of today.)

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