In Iceland, there is a tradition of exchanging books on Christmas Eve and then spending the evening reading. The Tradition began during World War II when publishers flooded the markets with books printed in Iceland at the end of the year. Imports were restricted in that time, but paper was available and so books could be printed. Books were not printed all year because the small population of Iceland could not support a fulltime publishing industry. The tradition “The Yule Book Flood” is called jólabókaflóð.

If you are a book lover, there is something special about getting a book on Christmas Eve to read over the holiday season, but what if you received a book that would last an entire year?

The kind of book I am thinking of usually contains an entry for each day of the year. For example, Allie Esiri has edited A Poem for Every Day of the Year and A Poem for Every Night of the Year. These books provide the readers with a poem and a short description of the poem on a daily or nightly basis. Both are worth having.

There are also books that are more journal like – such as Make Each Day Your Masterpiece: DAILY PROJECTS. This is lots of fun and helps you brainstorm and be more creative.

Depending on the book you choose for yourself, or as a gift, the impact of reading or working on the daily entries can be meditative. A book that you can read every day gives you a focus and is sustaining. The benefits of mindfulness go beyond the value of he book itself and can last the entire year – that’s quite a gift!

The tradition of giving books for Christmas, and especially books that can be enjoyed for a long period, is healing. Don’t we all need a soothing, healing influence at Christmas.

I wish everyone reading a good holiday period, as I will not be writing a book review again until January 3, 2020 when I will review one of my Christmas gift books.

Best holiday wishes – I hope you receive a lot of books!

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