What do you say when you would really like to convince someone to look after themselves?

Many of us who are caregivers know that the holidays can be difficult for those we care for or care about. We truly do want to remind them to look after themselves, to avoid becoming worn out.

Can you not hear yourself saying,” Look after yourself”? Or maybe, “Don’t work too hard”?

But these statements are considered platitudes, not often taken seriously.

Here are some things you can do or say instead that show you care and that are proven to have a positive impact on how people feel and how they will act o improve their own self-care.

One of the most important things you can say to promote wellness is to genuinely thank someone for the concrete, helpful thing they have done. Research has shown that receiving a grateful message, meant for you personally is beneficial to a person’s wellbeing. In fact, thanking someone is not only good for them, it is also good for you. So, thank people – it’s more effective than, “Look after yourself!”

Another simple thing you can do to promote someone else’s mental health is to do something kind for them.

Here’s an example. Once, on a very difficult day, a colleague brought me a cup of tea in a beautiful mug. The stress I was feeling within me dissolved when confronted by this small act of kindness and invigorated me for the rest of the afternoon.

We can all do the same thing. When we notice someone struggling, we can all go out of our way to do one small, kind thing for them.

Finally, there is evidence that teams that work together benefit from regular social activities: lunch together, drinks together, celebrating milestones together.

We’re all in this together!

Don’t say, “Look after yourself!”

Say “Thank You!”, be kind and look after each other!

One thought on “What Do You Say?

  1. lefebf lefebf says:

    This made me smile. We are just back from a wonderful trip to Istanbul – where we had lots of tea!

    See you on Wednesday. Fleur-Ange


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