It is so complicated to send a Christmas gift book personally to a friend. We all know that Amazon allows you to send books quickly and without difficulty but the experience can be so impersonal.

Imagine instead that one snowy day, close to Christmas, you go to your mailbox and find an envelope from a friend. It’s a bright red envelope, with a Christmas sticker on the flap and a Christmas stamp for postage. You think it must be your Christmas card, but it’s thick.

When you open the envelope, a small beautifully wrapped gift tumbles out.

It’s so exciting! You have received a small, perfect gift to put under the tree!

If you think you might like to give a friend such an exciting present, here are some books you could consider. They all fit easily into an envelope.

Receiving the letter with a gift will make someone’s day and a good book will make their holiday better!

Book #1: Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) by Antoine de Saint Exupery

This little book is a true classic – suitable for all ages!

Book # 2 The Gifts of Reading by Robert Macfarlane, reviewed by me last year

Book #3 Walking by Henry David Thoreau

Book #4 Four Candles for Simon by Gerda Marie Scheidl

This is a lovely, gentle children’s story with beautiful illustrations by MarcusPfister

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