I wish I could be an American so that I could vote for Elizabeth Warren for President.

I want to have the chance to vote for a strong woman, with policies I can agree with, who is over 70. Some of the main male candidates – and the President himself – are over 70 and no one blinks an eye, but, in politics, the strictures are so tight on female candidates that it’s hard to believe that Warren has gotten as far as she has.

With this in mind, and knowing that I’ll never get to vote for Warren, I read her most recent book, This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class. As I got further into the book, I became more and more excited – and discouraged. I do not see any woman in Canada at all comparable to Elizabeth Warren, and so I will just have to dream of being American.

Now aside from considering her for President, American’s could also read This Fight is Our Fight purely for its policy value – to help develop your own ideas about what measures could be of greatest assistance to middle class Americans. Warren’s review of the history of middle class prosperity and its more recent erosion is concisely told and well-referenced. The solutions she offers are based on sound reasoning and facts.

I enjoyed reading Warren’s book so much that I wish this fight was my fight, too. I know who I’m cheering for in the Democratic primaries and what side I’m on in the 2020 election!

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