I grew up in a small town in Quebec. There were no English books in the library then, and there likely aren’t any now. The one bookstore in town did not stock English books so that the only way I ever received a book was from my relatives in Ontario, or from Scholastic Books.

Last week, I was visiting my daughter’s best friend and there, on her kitchen table, was a recent Scholastic Flyer that her son had brought home from Kindergarten. That old excitement from when I was in grade school returned and, all of a sudden, I was seven years old again! Still printed on newsprint, still offering special deals and free books, it was as if nothing about Scholastic Books had ever changed!

I think the reason I was so excited by this modern Scholastic flyer is that I had so little access to books as a child. As I vividly remember getting my first Scholastic Books, I also vividly remember pouring over each new flyer, and saving my allowance to buy whatever I could. You can imagine my excitement when I found the flyers online last week. I know that after reading this, you’re probably surprised that I never looked for them before, but Scholastic Books never belonged to the internet, as far as I was concerned.

Naturally, I’ve opened an account and I’m pouring over the flyers once again. Now, as then, I still cannot decide what to buy. Now, as then, I read the Scholastic Flyer as if I am a starving person, who has just been given a menu!

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