There is nothing more exciting than getting mail! It is even better if the mail is a beautiful periodical – an example of masterful bookmaking. That is exactly what Making is.

Making is published seasonally and contains “projects for knitters and makers”. As a knitter, I find that each issue contains very doable projects. I make this statement as a slow knitter, one who finds it difficult to complete projects in a reasonable length of time. For example, the current issue of Making No. 8/Forest contains a pattern for fingerless mitts that I could easily finish in a month – I said slow, didn’t I?

I subscribed to Making personally because I kept buying it at my knitting shop and each issue costs less if you subscribe. Also, if you subscribe, you can get a discount on kits!!! Not that I get the kits, but I could and they are so amazing that I am satisfied just looking at them.

I don’t buy the kits, but I have made some of the projects and I have put its picture below. This is a project bag that I hand-sewed from a fabric that I also dyed myself with indigo. I just love it!

Looking through Making is a soul-satisfying activity all by itself. It is printed on 100% recycled paper and exquisitely rendered. To read this magazine is mindfully nourishing. If you cannot find a copy, look online at the website and get a feeling for the journal itself. You will feel more joyful just for doing this!

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