It seems to be difficult to find good books about marijuana. When you look at the selection, the most popular books seem to be aimed at gourmet cooks looking for this year’s marijuana flavor trend, or sufferers interested in how medicinal marijuana can help your rheumatism and backaches.

If you’re a parent looking for guidance, there are many books that review the latest research with catastrophic results of using marijuana. These books may be helpful before your teen uses marijuana, but, once you realize that they have already tried the drug with seemingly no ill effects, they can be disheartening. In this situation, you’re probably looking for a book with a balanced viewpoint, a book that you can use to help guide them to make their own good decisions.

There are a few Young Adult books that could help you. As a psychiatrist who treats only adolescents, I have found that youth may not read non-fiction but a well-written, well-researched Young Adult book could provide a parent with just the information you need to inform your discussion.

I reviewed one such book a few weeks ago and Legalizing Marijuana: Promises and Pitfalls by Margaret Goldstein is another you can use as a reference. This is a well-researched book with a good bibliography, excellent source notes and a well-developed index. It is also very readable and you can read it in an evening and go back to it when necessary.

At a time in North America, when the conversation about legalizing marijuana is so polarized, it is good to find books and articles that are balanced and consider the research in a fair and reasonable fashion.

(I read the 2017 edition of this book by Twenty-First Century Books, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, Incorporated.)

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