I am reposting this for World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, 2019 – we can all help prevent suicide.

Dr. Gail Beck

In the wake of the most recent celebrity suicides, I want to speak about two practices that we can learn that combat depression. I am convinced of the value of these practices not just from the fact that research (particularly Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Research) has confirmed their value, but because my patients have consistently told me that these tools helped them the most to survive. The tools are mindfulness practice and behavioural activation.

I will start by describing behavioural activation, because this is the easier of the two to describe. I also think that, of the two practices, it can be more fun for people to develop. Behavioural activation is based on the knowledge that our behavior can affect our emotions. We can all think of situations where this has been true. For example, we avoid visiting Aunt Jane because we’re worried that she is angry with us. However, the…

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