Just as the weather cooled this week and fall began, a cookbook arrived for me in the library – a cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi! When I opened the book, I found myself reading a recipe for “Mustardy cauliflower cheese”, called the “ultimate comfort dish” by the author. (Page 92) Since the temperature had fallen to less than 10 degrees Centigrade for the first time in several months and since I had bought a very large cauliflower at the market, this was perfect.

This is a cookbook to feed people with – now that is true for all Ottolenghi’s cookbooks, but many of the recipes in other books are complex and require considerable planning. I love all my Ottolenghi cookbooks but I read some of the recipes like I read fantasy novels. I look at the pictures, read through it all and think, “Well that will never happen”. I have looked through this book twice and I’m pretty sure I could manage any of the recipes.

I have spent the summer reviewing books for children and youth and this cookbook, perfect for feeding your children and teens, will give you some ideas for cooking with youth. Many of the recipes are just the kind of exciting food that youth love. There is a recipe (Page 191) for Gigli with chickpeas and za’atar that would be perfect for one of the life skills groups at work – or for cooking with your kids.

Even though I have the library copy of this book, I can already hear its siren call – even worse, it’s spotted all the other Ottolenghi cookbooks on my shelf! I’ve got to have this one too.

(Note: I read the 2018 Appetite by Random House edition of this book.)

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