This summer I went to see the Bed – In for Peace 50th Anniversary Celebrations at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. This celebrates a period from May 26, 1969 until June 2, 1969 when John Lennon and Yoko Ono protested the Vietnam War and rose awareness for Peace by staying in bed at the Montreal hotel. During their time their they composed and recorded Give Peace a Chance. As the summer draws to its end, why not consider doing something similar at home with your family?

The benefits of completely shutting down every now and then and doing nothing at all are well-established, and it will give you a chance to completely decompress before getting back into the whole school, activities, rushed suppers, too short weekends and even shorter days.

The key to a successful Lie-In is to plan ahead. Bring your favourite breakfast and sandwich foods so that you can easily pick up a favourite staying-in-bed snack and plan on ordering in dinner or having something you can just heat up – you could even survive on TWO of your favourite sandwiches for one lazy day! Also, turn off all those things that could interrupt you like phones and computers and video games. None of these items are proven to add to the benefits of a complete day off.

Another good plan-ahead strategy is to gather the books, magazines you want to read, or the movies you might want, or the journal or sketchbook you’re going to play with for longer than you ever normally get – for the WHOLE DAY if you want.

Another good strategy is to get an idea of what everyone else is thinking of doing with their Lie-In. You know that, at some point in the day, the people who “just want to relax before school starts” will get bored and ask to visit a friend or look at their texts or wonder if “we’re done yet”. This could happen after lunch – or after 20 minutes. If you have an idea what people hoped to do, you’ll be able to gently guide them back to that refreshing and creative plan – so that you can get back to yours.

It’s very important that you understand that you’re NOT DOING THIS FOR YOURSELF. You are doing this to help your family learn to relax – a important task that we all must learn somewhere. Shutting off is the key to creativity. You might even write a song!

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One thought on “Lie-In

  1. Audrey Lawrence says:

    Great suggestion!

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