There is nothing better than a holiday at the seaside. The Beachcomber’s Book, written by Bernice Kohn and illustrated by Arabelle Wheatley, is a book to take to the seaside – or to read if you are missing the seaside.

Each Chapter of The Beachcomber’s Book provides some information about the seaside or about something you might find there, like shells or pebbles or sea glass. Then the author describes a craft or an activity that a child, or youth, can do, either on their own or with others. Some of the activities are as simple and straightforward as sand painting but there are also instructions for a clambake!! Apart from the recipe, the first instruction from the author is to dig the clams – not your usual cooking instructions.

The descriptions for each activity are easy enough that anyone could understand them. Anyone could pack up their beach things, drive to the seaside and learn about the joys that those who live by the sea already know. If you cannot drive to the seaside, you can build a beach in your backyard for yourself or the youth you know and play at being by the seaside.

Summer is too short not to spend some time by the sea – even if it’s only the afternoon!

(Note: I read the 1982 Puffin Edition of this book.)

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