I learn more about an artist from a book written for youth than I do from a book written for adults. If I think about it, the reason is that the authors of books for youth work much harder to illustrate their points with pictures while the adult books seem to rely more on words to tell the story. When you are telling the story about an artist, a picture is worth many more than a thousand words.

Linnea in Monet’s Garden written by Christina Bjork and with drawings by Lena Anderson is definitely the kind of children’s book that can teach anyone a lot about the great French impressionist. With access to Monet’s family pictures and diaries, as well as to the places of Monet’s life, Bjork and Anderson have developed a compelling book about the artist, as told by a young girl, Linnea, who takes a trip to Paris with her friend Mr. Bloom. The express purpose of their trip is to learn more about Monet. She also learns a lot about Paris, and so will you.

I have reviewed other books this summer that would allow you to take an imaginary trip to a wonderful place with a child as you read a book with them. It has been a rainy week where I live and this would have been a perfect book to read, thinking about water lilies in blue green ponds on summer days.

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