Last Monday I wrote a blog about activism and supporting young activists. One of the best ways that activists can be supported is by ensuring that they are well-nourished. This is the background to Julia Turshen’s book Feed the Resistance: Recipes and Ideas for Getting Involved.

Turshen outlines the logic regarding this at the start of her book:

“Together we would make sure there was something to eat at every single meeting at our Citizen Action Branch. Together we would make sure folks like Callie and other organizers didn’t have to think about what                  was for dinner. In saving them that time and providing the food, they could continue their important work and be guaranteed the comfort and nourishment of a homemade meal.” (Page11)

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to help? Who hasn’t had to miss dinner because of too many commitments? If some of those commitments are helping others, doesn’t it make sense to nourish those people working to help all of us?

This little book makes that easy with recipes for preparing a nutritious meal quickly and for feeding groups. It also includes a section of recipes for those most important foods: snacks. Some of the recipes come with stories as to their origin and the work and recipes of other food activists is also included.

Less than 150 pages, this is not a book you need to pour over – just find a recipe and get cooking. If you don’t cook, there are also tips for how you can get involved in causes important to you although, really, these are easy recipes. Read the recipes, read this book and you will be convinced that you can also be part of the “Food Team”.

(Note: I read the 2017 Chronicle Books edition of this book.)

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