For a change of pace, I thought I would review a new magazine I have discovered called Flow. Flow has this tagline: A magazine that takes its time. I picked my copy up in Britain, but Flow can be purchased in Canada and the United States or online at

I am still reading my copy, which is the 26th publication, because I am savouring each of the articles and the material that are included. What is included? Well, there are four postcards each of which is a photo of a famous woman reading. There is also a small book included, which I have not even examined yet. Flow is printed in Poland of good quality paper and a beautiful layout.

The articles include a series of portraits by the Czech photographer, Jan Langer and an article on resting as an antidote to stress. There are also multiple pieces on living mindfully and another category of articles to help the reader simplify their life. I am reading my copy very mindfully and each time I pick up the magazine, I do feel calm. The reading, illustrations and other materials seems to foster mindfulness and calmness, it seems to me.

Flow is a beautiful journal for our times and, even though it is expensive – about 10 pounds, which is equivalent to 17 Canadian dollars or about 13 American dollars – it is worth the price for the pleasure it brings.

(Flow 26)

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