I was in Vancouver this past week and, while I was visiting, I found an unusual guidebook. The Citi60 guide, Vancouver: 60 local creatives bring you the best of the city will introduce you to parts of the city that are not on the usual tourist routes. The landscape section took me to the Cornelia Oberlander’s urban garden – a lovely, unexpected green space. Even the usual tourist sites, such as the Totem Polis in Stanley Park, are presented uniquely.

The best part of this book was the Section considering Markets and Shops. The Paper Hound bookstore and Chinatown crept into my brain, giving me a new consciousness of Vancouver. The way the shop and part of town were presented allowed me to see differently, and my experience was richer for this different view.

What does limit this book is that, even though it does have accommodation and restaurant information, you could likely not use it as your only guidebook. It is a small book, however, measuring 110 x 160 cm and 1 cm thick. You could easily bring it along with a more conventional guide.

A final aspect of this book that you can enjoy is the dust jacket. Take it off, open it up and you will find a colourful, city map, illustrated by Vancouver artist Janice Wu.
This book was published in 2017 by viction:ary, in Hong Kong. They have also produced similar guides to a number of other cities, and I might get one or two of them…just to think of travelling.

Here are my photos of the book and dust jacket:

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