I have not written a blog in two months after I began to worry that I ought to consider whether any of my opinions might reflect badly on either of the organizations I work with. I am a member of the Ontario Medical Association Board (OMA), the Honorary Treasurer in fact, and the President of The Royal’s Medical Staff Association. Whenever I do write something that I think might be controversial, I emphasize that my blog expresses only my own opinions. Also, I never want to embarrass my family but that’s likely too high a bar to set so I’ll stick with not becoming an embarrassment to the OMA or my hospital.

I have spent a lot of time researching how to have my writing reflect my own opinions well without reflecting badly on organizations I work with, which also explains the delay in getting back to writing. Most of the articles I read about good corporate conduct in social media stress that the best policies are COMMON SENSE. I didn’t find this especially helpful since common sense is so enigmatic. It’s also something everyone is sure they have in abundant supply. You can find quizzes on the internet to measure your own degree of common sense: http://www.playbuzz.com/andreamasters10/how-much-common-sense-do-you-have

Just so that you all know, I got a perfect score on this quiz, which I find a bit worrying – how high is that bar set? If one does take the test and does not get a good score, the internet does have advice from management consultants on developing common sense: http://management.about.com/od/projectmanagement/fl/8-Ways-to-Develop-Better-ldquoCommon-Senserdquo.htm

You should also know that I got high scores on several silliness quizzes, none of which I’ll reference since I don’t want you to read about what kinds of answers could give me a high score – that is embarrassing. However, the point is, you can find anything to read on the internet and so it’s possible that I am worried too much about my opinions causing trouble when there is so much else to read. Also, I’m confident that, if I was such a troublemaker, I would have many more readers.

My goal is not to be a troublemaker. It is to help readers reflect on mental health, medical practice and medical politics in Ontario. My readers help me to see other points of view – it is my goal to do the same by providing the perspective of a psychiatrist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada who has a political bent. I want us to find practical solutions to mental health and healthcare problems.

I apologize to those who have asked why I have not written a blog in a while – there were not hundreds of you, but I’m glad there were some. Thank you for asking about my writing.

I found the title of this blog in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s definition of common sense:

“Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.”

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